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The Republic of South Africa - the only country in the world making liquid fuel from coal; it is carried out at the plants of the "Saut Efriken Cole Oil and Hydroelectric Power Station Corporation" company (SASOL - South African Coal Oil & Gas Corporation - SASOL) placed in the cities of Sasolburg and Secunda in East Transvaal. These enterprises provide 40% of needs of the country for liquid fuel. Construction already of the fourth plant of this kind is so far complete.

But here than really the food industry of the Republic of South Africa, so it is famous for wine and beer. The South African wines differ in high quality and a variety, the wine-making enterprises are located in the south of the Western Keyp, and the largest buyer of this production - Great Britain.

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY - one of the leading branches of economy of the Republic of South Africa. On the basis of local raw material resources the wide product range, mostly best-selling in a foreign market is issued here.

On the volume of processing of meat, production of condensed milk and cream of the Republic of South Africa wins first place in Africa and one of first-ever. Dairy and canned meat is consumed generally within the country, but fish is exported.

In comparison with such mainly extensive subsectors as cultivation of cattle and sheep breeding, poultry farming and cultivation of pigs have more intensive character and are widespread on farms near the large cities - Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

The enterprises specializing on conservation of vegetables and fruit are located mainly in four zones: in provinces the Western Keyp (processing of a citrus and apples), East Keyp and Kvazulu-Natal (conservation of pineapple, and also around Vitvat-tersrand (processing of fruit and vegetables). About 40% of this production are taken out approximately to 70 countries of the world among which Great Britain is her main consumer.

Production of synthetic fuel in Sasolburge formed a basis for creation of the petrochemical complex which is letting out more than 100 types of production, including ammonia, paraffin, synthetic pitches, plastic. synthetic rubber, etc.