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Chanterelle southern is very similar to chanterelle. This mushroom in the neighbourhood with the real chanterelle grows in the pine woods. Differs in that a hat round and funnel-shaped with round edges, while at the real chanterelle of edge wrapped up. Color of a hat the red-orange. Plates bright red. Taste unpleasant.

From sakharospirt contains attracts (0,2-0,7%), slippery jacks contain still arabit. In mushrooms there is no starch, but there is a glycogen identical to a glycogen of an animal origin. Cellulose of mushrooms is impregnated with chitin. It not only is not digested, but also complicates access of digestive juice to other weight. Tregazolit or (1,7%) taste improves and increases nutritiousness of mushrooms. Are present at mushrooms also and which cause an oslizneniye of mushrooms at the long

Mushrooms and vitamins, especially groups B are rich: B1, B2; RR. Mushrooms it is more than these vitamins B, than in all other products. Only yeast and a liver are richer with them. With vitamins of group B chanterelles are especially rich. Cepes contain % B1(0,2-0,37 vitamin). In champignons the amount of this vitamin is a little less. Vitamin C contains 1-5 mkg of %. In cepes presence of B2, C vitamin and especially a lot of vitamin D is revealed.

From a saffron milk cap the antibiotic which slows down growth of various harmful bacteria is received. From a govorushka the new antimicrobic substance which is applied at treatment of tuberculosis of skin and bones was received. In cepe the antibiotic deadly to Koch's stick is found.

Mushrooms — valuable foodstuff. 0 mushrooms S. T. Aksakov wrote: "Mushrooms make nutritious, tasty and healthy I write". They are a source of many mineral substances. Not without reason, in old times, during posts, mushrooms were nearly main food of the population. Even on an imperial table mushrooms ranked high. Life stores many proofs to that the nutrition value of mushrooms deserves attention. In Australia one of species of mushrooms received the name "Australian bread".

Mineral substances half consist of potassium and on a quarter from phosphorus. There is almost so much calcium in mushrooms, how many and in fish. The high content of phosphorus approaches mushrooms to some products of an animal origin. Mushrooms are valuable microcells (copper, iodine, zinc, arsenic) which are very visible at a metabolism in cages of a human organism. It is much more than them in young mushrooms.

Fresh mushrooms contain a significant amount of water, on average 90%. At thermal treatment, the amount of water decreases almost twice, when drying is reduced to a minimum. Dried mushrooms are called often vegetable meat" since mushrooms contain many proteins and celluloses. And nevertheless, dried mushrooms on a nutrition value concede fresh since in the course of drying in them the content of nitrogenous substances, especially free amino acids decreases.

Except the called edible fungi, in the woods there are a lot more mushrooms which are not familiar or a little familiar to consumers. Ego: oyster mushroom (usual, autumn, rozhkovidny),, cap annulate, bulb pink, cheshuychatka (golden, grassy), pechenochnitsa ordinary,,, porkhovka,, etc.