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Family traditions (wine: "Good old days - a native sweet domestic wine - wine which was done by the grandmother". With such advertizing the firm doubled sale of the wine and began to spend for advertizing 2 million dollars - the largest sum in the wine-making industry).

The statistical method of calculation of perspective consumers ("method of calculation of supporters") consisting in preliminary identification of the persons inclined to acquire these or those goods was the most widespread among them. For example: the women of such age, such social and marital status living in such staff are ready to buy such household goods at such price.

Self-satisfaction (excavators: drivers took offense at that represent them hardly visible in comparison with cars; sale amplified when on advertizing began to show drivers owners of cars, but not an appendage to it).

It was echoed by other expert offering drastic measures. "If demand for any goods falls, - he wrote, - that it is necessary to deafen the consumer so that he made - purchase is in an unconsciousness so far".

Experiences with subthreshold effects. At one movie theater in Pyyu-Dzhersi during demonstration of the movie on the screen there was an advertizing of ice cream. Flashes were very short, but sufficient in order that them noticed. As a result sharply sale of ice cream increased. After that successful experiments also with TV viewers were made, but experts consider that such experiences are suitable for cinema more.

In other soy he also told work: "Women pay for cream many times more expensively, than for soap because soap promises them only purity, and cream - beauty. "People buy not lanolin, and hope, not oranges, and vital force, not cars, and prestige."

"Fault" of consumers of candies it was extenuated by that small or tiled candies which can be eaten on a slice began to let out, without breaking their look. Same it was recommended by the text of the advertizing which achieved noticeable success in sale of the "forbidden" sweets.

Two strongest obstacles got in the way of increase in demand for goods: the first - as though full satisfaction of the population with former acquisitions and the second - all the increasing standardization of products depriving their individual signs.

Also the methods disguised when the studied persons do not suspect the purpose of experience are applied and find themselves an indirect way, describing, for example, an unfamiliar picture or interpreting freakish ink spots (Herman Rorshakh's test. Such method carries the name of the projective.