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External management can become an effective measure only concerning the enterprise the crisis phenomena on which affect only the certain directions of its activity. When production is almost stopped, current assets are not present, the debt many times over exceeds realization volume, then anything, except competitive production cannot rescue the enterprise any more.

In this case the property can be transferred to the debtor's founders - the legal entity or to the owner of property of the debtor – the unitary enterprise. Such transfer happens only in the presence of the statement of specified persons addressed to the competitive managing director, i.e. is exclusive owing to their will.

Analysis of a financial condition of the debtor. As a result of carrying out this analysis the managing director draws a conclusion about sufficiency of means for implementation of the competitive production, about liquidity belonging to the debtor of property and possible terms of its realization about expediency of continuation of functioning of production if it still functions, about total periods during which completion of competitive production is possible.

Low level of responsibility of heads before founders for consequences of the made decisions, safety and effective use of the enterprises, and also their financial and economic results of activity.

By results of activity the interim manager brings into arbitration court the conclusion about situation and the debtor's prospects, including possible suggestions for improvement of his financial state and data on the work done during supervision.

The long insolvency of the enterprise caused by low liquidity of its assets. Realization of this catastrophic risk is characterized by considerable excess of urgent financial obligations of the enterprise over the sum of the rest of its money and assets in a highly liquid form which has chronic character.

For an exact and total characteristic of a financial condition of the enterprise and tendencies of its change it is enough to calculate a small amount of financial coefficients. It is important only that each of these indicators reflected the most essential parties of a financial state.

financially insolvent enterprise generates serious financial risks for successfully working enterprises – his partners, causing them notable economic damage in the course of the activity. It reduces the general potential of economic development of the country;

Transfer on storage of the documents of the debtor which are subject to obligatory storage. For this purpose the managing director has to study and allocate the relevant documents, and also specify a period of storage of each document.

forcedly reducing volumes of the economic activity in connection with financial difficulties, such enterprises generate reduction of number of workplaces and quantity occupied in a social production, increasing thereby social tension in the country.

If such statement does not arrive, such property is subject to transfer on balance of authorized body of the relevant municipality. For implementation of such transfer the competitive managing director has to send to the authorized officer the notice of existence, structure, an arrangement of such property.

Essential imbalance within rather long period of time of volumes of its cash flows. Realization of this catastrophic risk is characterized by long excess of volume of a negative cash flow over positive and lack of prospects of a change of this negative tendency.